Lesson 1:初次见面 How to start a conversation


1. 打招呼

Hello , (it's) nice to meet you~ I'm xxx.(陌生人第一次见)

How is everything?

How's it going?

How's your job?

How's your family?

How're your parents?


Pretty good~

I'm doing great.

They're doing great.

2. 搭讪

Wow,I like your hairstyle , really cool.

Excuse me , I just heard you singing , you're pretty good!

Excuse me , is anyone sitting here? This place is pretty good , do you come here often?

Excuse me , allow me to introduce myself, my name is xxx, this is my business card.

Excuse me , but i don't think i know your name.(聊过几句问对方名字)

I'm in IT , IT company ,you know that. And Chris works for a finance(法埃nance) company.

3. 问别人是否需要帮忙:

Do you need a hand?

4. 将自己的朋友介绍给别人:

How's everything? This is Li Ning. Li Ning,Chris.1

5. 新朋友 Nice to meet you 之后说什么呢?


So , have you lived here long?

Have you worked here long?

Do you live around here?

Do you come here often?


So, what is your job?

what do you do, if you don't mind me asking?

what exactly is it that you do?

what do you do for a living ?


how did you end up in China? (你为什么来中国?)

are you used to the weather in China?

what places have you visited in China?

what do you think of Chinese food? What's your favorite?

中国公司: Chinese company

外国公司: Foreign  company

国企: state-owned company

保险公司: insurance company

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