Lesson 2:聊天话题 daily conversation topics



 1. 问家人

Do you have any brothers and sisters?

I've got an older sister.

I've got a younger brother.

Do you have a big family?(你家人多吗) What do your parents do?

Are you married? Do you have kids yet?

2. 兴趣爱好

So ,what do you like to do in your spare time?

what do you like to do outside work?

what're your hobbies?

Em , I like reading ,travelling and taking photos.

Em , I'm crazy about Playing basketball and I really interested in history.



what kind of movies do you like ?

i like (watching) ~

action movies 动作

comedies 喜剧

horror movies 恐怖片

science-fiction movies 科幻片


what TV series are you watching at the moment?

I'm binge-watching House of Cards. (狂热追剧) I'm a fan of xxxx.


where are you going for your vacation?

where did you go for  your vacation? (vacation 比 holiday 用的多)

How's the trip?(熟人之间)

Did you have a good trip ? Yes,i really enjoyed myself.

where would you most like to visit ?(你最想去哪个地方?)

Have you been to France before?

Have you ever been to France? Where did you go in America?



do you often play football?

no, not very often.

once a week

twice a week

three times a week

from time to time 偶尔

when i get the time 有空就去


so, what sports do you like to play?

so, what sports do you like to watch?

which team do you support? do you have a favorite team?

I support Liverpool.

I don't really support a particular team. 

what  do you do to keep fit?

do you like to go the gym?

do you work out ?

i like to go for a run in the morning?

3.. 赞美别人

you look gorgeous in that dress!

you're looking great today!

Have you lost weight?(多对女性说)

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