Lesson 3:结束对话or转移话题


to 、a、be这种类似的单词不重要的发音也是轻点



Did you see the wedding?


Congratulations on your wedding! (共贺新婚)

2. 告别再见

Goodbye~ (不说Bye-bye)

See you ! (回头见)

See you this weekend !

See you around ! (回头见,下次不知道在哪见了就。)

Have a good day!(美国多用)

Have a good one!(同上,英国说的多)

Have a good night!

Have a good evening!(差不多同上)

3. 暂时中断对话

Excuse me for a minute, i'll be right back.

Well, I've got to go.

Well , we should be going. (注意 ing的发言是不是简单的“英”,前加点w的音)

Hey , I should go , or i'll be late for my train/meeting/work/school.

Well , i won't bother you any more.(不打扰了)

OK, i won't take up any more of your time.

I should go say hi to my friend.(跟朋友去打个招呼)

I should get back to my work.

I should let you get back to your work.(同上,这俩多用)

I really enjoyed our chat. 我很享受和你聊天。

It was great to talk to you today. (great的t不发音)

it was really nice meeting you。 很高兴认识你

It was really nice to talk to you, but i need to get going or i will be late.(or这里可以停顿一下)

Let me give you my number.

Feel free to call me if you want to hang out.

Here , i'll give you my number.

can i get your phone number?

Do you have WeChat? Twitter ? Can i add you on WeChat and Twitter?

Shall i scan you , or do you want to scan me? 你扫我我扫你?

Stay in touch! Take care!

Keep in touch! Look after yourself.


Let's go for a coffee sometime.

I;d  love to show you some cool places.

I'd love to hang out sometime , i;ll callyou, ok?

Are you free any time next week?

when are you free?(那有free)

are you free on Saturday at 3pm? Do you have time Saturday?


Say Hello to your parents for me .

Say Hello to your wife for me.

Say Hello to your husband for me.

Send my regards to your family.(正式)

Give you family my love.(好朋友之间)

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