Lesson 4:Expressing thank,sorry and opinions


expressing your motions.

1. 感谢

Thanks 不是三克斯,是son科四,[θæŋks]

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a bunch. 同上用的多

Thank you very much.(正式)

Thank You anyway. 可能没得到想要的帮助,但是感谢啦。

Thank You all the same .同上

I definitely owe you a favour. (同下)

i owe you one. (我欠你个人情)

Thank you for coming.

Thank you for the gift. I really like it.

Thank you for hosting me . 感谢接待我。

2.  感激

i really appriciate everything you;ve done.

I don't know how to thank you.

3. 不客气

you're welcome.

that's quite alright. Don't mention it. (内特)

my pleasure.

no need to thank me.

4. 抱歉

Sorry I;m late.

I'm sorry to trouble you.

I'm sorry to interrupt.抱歉打扰你

I'm really sorry for the  mistake/what i did/arrving late/interrupting you.

I want to apologize for interrupting you. (for也是轻读)

Can you forgive me ? (重音在give上)

Please forgive me. I didn't mean it.


Never mind.

That's ok. Dont worry about it.

it's not a big deal.

That's alright.

I  accept your apology. That's alright.

5. 表达祝贺

Congratulations !

Congratulations on your birthday.

Congratulations on the birth of your son/daughter.

Congratulations on your wedding. 新婚大吉

Have a good trip~/time~/weekend/day.


All the best ! 

Have fun! 玩的开心!

6. 表示欢迎

Welcome to our company !

Welcome to America.

7. 询问意见

What do you think of this restaurant ?

What's your opinion of... ?

How do you feel about... ?

I like it . 我觉得很好。

i don't really like it. 我不觉得OK.


I like it, what do you think?

Yes , i agree. 

Yes,of course.

I completely agree.

You're absolutely right. 你说的太对了。

That's a good point. 你说的这一点很对,这一点很对。


i don't agree/ i disagree.

idon't think that's right.

i'm afraid i have to disagree.I have a different opinion.

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