Lesson 5:At the airport + changing money


1. 问朋友去哪

Hi, where you off to ? 去哪儿啊老铁 ?


Terminal 1 : 1号航站楼

Check in :办理值机手续

Check in desk : 值机柜台

boarding pass :登机牌

boarding gate :登机口



Visa :签证





Excuse me ,do you know where I can check in ?  请问哪里办理值机手续?

Where are you travelling to ?  去哪?

Could i see your passport , please . 给我看下护照可以吗。

Here's my passport.  给。

Do you have any luggage to check in ? 有托运行李吗?

Do you have any carry on baggage? 有登机随带行李吗?

Can i take this bag (on board) ? 我能随身带着个包吗?

Which boarding gate do i need to go ? 我要去哪个登机口?

Where is customs ? 安检在哪儿?

Where is the security check ? 安检在哪儿?

duty free:免税————where is the duty free shop ? 免税店在哪里?

Excuse me ,where's my seat? 请问我坐哪个座儿?

What time does this flight arrive in NewYork? 几点到NY?

How long before we arrive? 几点到?

a cup of water 来杯水。

Where is the luggage claim area ? 取行李处在哪?

where is the baggage claim ? 取行李处在哪儿?

Here's my luggage tag. 这是我的行李签,帮我看下吧。

Do you have any window seats?  有靠窗的位子吗?

Do you hava any ailse seats?  阿艾奥,靠过道的位子。

Do you have any seats together ? 有坐在一起的位子吗?

Excuse me , can i change money here ? 这里能换汇吗 ? 

Excuse me , what's the exchange rate ? 汇率多少?

Emm, I'd like to change Chinese yuan into US dollars.

Euros 欧元、Pounds 英镑、Yen 日元、Hong Kong dollars 港币、Australian dollars 澳币、Singapore dollars 新加坡币

I'd like to change 10000yuan into dollars, please.

I'd like to change 10000yuan into Australian dollars, please.

Is there a service charge ? 有手续费吗?

Is there a commission ? 有手续费吗?

cash ? in cash? 现金可以吗?

How long will you be staying in the uS ? 待几天?

2 weeks . 两天

Where will  you be staying ?


What's the purpose of the trip ?  来这儿干嘛?

It's a business trip.  出差,嘿嘿。

It's a vacation. 旅游,嘿嘿。

I'm here to see my friends.

I;m here to study.

Do you have anything to declare ?  有需要报关的东西吗?

货物、药品、大量现金有时候是需要报关的,depend on particular situation.


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