Lesson 6 : At the hotel


1. 酒店预订房间:

Excuse me , i would like to reserve a room. 你好我订个房间。电话或者邮件这样问。

Tonight? Tomorrow? 今天明天?

在前台问:Do you have any free rooms for tonight ? 有房间吗?

DO you have a single room? 有单人房吗?

Do you have a standard room ? 有标准房吗,标间吗,最便宜的一般是。

Do you have a double room ? with a double bed ? 有双人房吗?

Do you have rooms with a king-sized bed ?  有大床房吗?

What is the rate per night ? 一晚多少钱?

How much per night? 一晚多少钱?

Is breakfast included ? 包含早餐吗?

Does that include breakfast ? 包含早餐吗?

2. 来入住啦:

Excuse me , I'd like to check in .

Do you have a reservation ? 有预定吗?

Oh yes, I have a reservation under the name of Mr.zhang .  有的,姓张。

credit card 信用卡、blanket 毯子

3. 入住后给前台打电话

Hello, I'm calling from room 233. 我是233房间的。

Is there a hair dryer in the room ? 有吹风机mua?

Could you bring me some slippers?  来双拖鞋。

Could you bring me some toothpaste? 我要牙膏。

could you bring me some toilet paper ? 我要厕纸擦屁股。

could you bring me some towels 他阿奥斯? 我要毛巾。

可能外国电源中国的用不了,需要转换器:Do you have a plug adaptor for a Chinese plug? 有中国插头的转换器吗?


The air-conditioner isn't working ! 空调不好用了!!在美国的话air-conditioner直接说AC就行了。

The heating isn't working. 暖气坏了。

The toilet isn't working . 厕所坏了。

The shower isn't working. 淋浴坏了。

Can you send somebody to fix xxxxxxxx?

The room is too hot/cold/noisy/dirty !抓狂。

Do you have a warmer room ?

Do you have a quieter room ? 

There's no hot water in my room. 没热水还行?

The window just don't open . 窗打不开呀。

The window is broken.

Could you send somebody to clean my room?

Could you change the cheets ,please? 能给我换个床单吗?

Could you change  the towels , please?

Could i have more toiletries? 头ei了吹四,能再给点洗漱用品吗?


Can i change  to  a different room ? 给我换个房间吧老铁。

Do you have  a room with sea view ? 有海景房吗..理想啊。

Can i upgrade my room? 能升级房间am?

How much would it cost to xxxx?  xxxx多少钱?

How much would it cost to upgrade my room ? 升级房间多少钱?

3. 房卡丢了

Excuse me , i've lost my key / key card.

Excuse me , the key card just doesn;t work , could you give another key card ?

4. 退房:check out

What time do i need to check out? 我该几点退房?

Check out , please ,my room number is 233333333.  麻烦退房谢谢。

Can i pay by credit card ? 

Could i store my luggage at reception for a few hours ? 

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