Lesson 7:乘坐交通工具+问路


1. 买票

Excuse me , can I get a single ticket to Seattle ?

Excues me , I'd like a single ticket to Seattle , please.

One adult single , please. 一张单程成人票。

Are there any tickets left  to London ?  

How much is it , please ?

2. 问时间

Can you tell me how long it takes to get to Seattle?

The 12:30 train arrives at about 3:00pm.

How long does it take to get from A to B ?

How long does it take to get from A to b by air ?

When does the train to Seattle leave ?  到西雅图的火车几点走?

What time does the train to Seattle arrive ?  几点到?

3. 上车之后

Excuse me , can we swap seats please , so I can sit with my friend ?

I think you r in my seat. 你是不是做了我的座位?

Excuse me, can i get out ? 不好意思我能出去一下吗 。能让一下吗。

Train station 火车站

railway station 火车站

subway station 地铁站  、metro 地铁(莫斯科一般这么说)、tube、underground都是地铁的意思

bus stop 汽车站

bus station 长途汽车站

4. 问路

Could you tell me where the subway station is please ?

Excuse me , which bus should I take to get to the zoo ?

How many stops to National Library ?

get off : 下车

get on: 上车

Where should I get off for Central Park ?

How much is a ticket ? 车票多少钱一张?

How much is a cup of tea ? 一杯茶多少钱 ? 

a one way ticket \  single ticket  : 单程票

a two way ticket \ return ticket : 往返票

pass 通票

Excuse me, is this the right way to  xxxx?

Excuse me ,could you tell me how to get to xxxx?

Is it near here ? 离这里近吗 ?

Is it far from here ? 离这里进吗 ?

How long would it take to walk there ?

Is it within walking distance ? 走路能到吗哥们儿?

DO i have to take the bus ? 我该坐车去吗?

cross the road 过马路

cross the river 过河

cross  the bridge 过桥

you should take the next left. 下个路口左转

you should take the third right. 下个路口右转

Opposite 对面

Next to 在xxx旁边

to the left of xxx 在xxx的左边

to the right of xxx 在xxx的右边

in front of school 在学校的前面

Behind the bar . 在酒吧后面

5. 找厕所啊!


Men's room 男厕

ladies' room 女厕

Toilet 厕所,最常用,最简单,都能听懂的。

Excuse me , where is the Toilet ? 

Excuse me , do you have a toilet ? 抱歉,请问这里有厕所吗?

I need to use the toilet . 我需要上厕所。

Where is the nearest toilet ? 请问最近的厕所在哪里?


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