Lesson 8:出国买买买


1.  逛商场

Sightseeing 观光

taking photos 拍照

tax 税

Can i help you ?  请问需要帮助吗 ?

I'm just looking . 随便看看啦。

I' m looking for a coat.  我想买件外套。

Can I try this on ? 我能试试这件吗?

Where is the fitting room? 试衣间在哪里?

These jeans are too tight. 这条牛仔裤太紧了。

These jeans are too loose. 这条牛仔裤太肥了。

These jeans are too big. 这条牛仔裤太大了。

These trousers are too small. 这衣服太小了。

These jeans

these shoes

these socks

this shirt 这个衬衫

this sweater  这件毛衣

this dress 这条裙子

Do you have this in small ?  有小号吗?

Do you have this in medium ?

Do you have this in large ? 有大号吗?

Do you have a larger one?

Do you have any larger ones? 有大一点的吗?

Do you have a smaller one ?

Do you have any smaller ones ? 有小一号的吗?

Do you have this in white ?  有白色的吗?

Do you have any white ones ? 有白色的吗?

Do you have a new one ? 你有新的吗?

2. 决定买了

I'll take it. 这件我买了

How much is this one ?

How much is that one ?

How much altogether ? 一共多少钱 ?

Can i pay by credit card ? 能用信用卡吗?

Can I have a receipt ? 有收据吗?有发票吗?

It's too expensive , i can't afford it . 太贵啦,买不起哟。

Is this the best price you can do? 能便宜点吗 ?

Can you sell it a bit cheaper ? 能便宜点吗 ?

Can you give it to me for $66 ?

Is it any cheaper if i buy 2 ? 买俩便宜吗?

Is there a sale now ? 现在有优惠吗?

Do you have any discounts ? 有折扣吗?

Do you deliver to China ? 能寄到中国吗?

3. 退货

I'd like a refund. 我想要退货。

I'd like to exchange this. 我想换一件。

Could I exchange this for another size ? 我能换一件吗?

Do you have the receipt ? 有收据吗?

Union pay card 银联卡

Alipay 支付宝

WeChat pay 微信支付

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