Lesson 9:餐厅


1. 点餐 

几位? How many people ? 

两个人: 2 people

比如俩人约会或谈话:Could we have a table for two ? 有双人桌吗?

Do you have a table next to the window ? 有靠窗的座位吗?

May I have a menu please ?

Can you give us a few more minutes ? 等下我们得再看看。

Have you decided on anything ? 想好点什么了吗?

What are the today's specials ?

What do you recommond?

注意注意不要直接喊话,不要直接说 waiter、waitress,不礼貌。

可以举手吸引注意力。然后说 We are ready to order .

I'd like to order the salmon.

I'd like to order the beef.

或者直接用手指头点 : I'd like this.  

I'd like this for two.

I'll have the pasta. 我想吃通心粉。

Could i have the chicken please ?

three course meal .  三道菜:一般包含前菜、主菜、甜点

For the starter \ main course \ dessert  , i'd like xxxxxx.

What kind of dessert do you have ? 你们有啥甜点?

2. 问朋友:

What about the salmon ? 三文鱼怎么样?

What do you like ?

What about trying the beef ? 要不试试牛肉?

3. 特殊要求

Could you give us some potato ketchup ? 能给我们点番茄酱吗?

Could I have another knife \ fork \ spoon ? 再给我把刀、叉、勺吧。

Could you bring me ....... 很实用的语句。

some salt 盐

chopsticks 筷子

Could we have some more water please ? 上点水吧伙计。

What kind of ...... do you like ?

Can i get anything to drink ?

a cup of tea with lemon 柠檬茶

a glass of apple juice 苹果汁

a glass of champagne 香槟(shanmupien)

a cup of coffee 

a small black coffee 小杯黑咖啡

a big black coffee

a cup of cappuccino 卡布奇诺(kapuchinao)

a cup of latte 拿铁(latei)

4. 点快餐

Could i have a hamburger. 汉堡包

Could i have a beef burger. 牛肉堡

cheeseburger 芝士堡

combo 套餐

regular 、large 中号、大号

fries 、chips 薯片薯条

coke \ sprite 可乐雪碧

5. 付账

Check , please.  麻烦买单。

Did you enjoy your meal ? 吃的怎么样?

It was delicious, thank you. 很好吃.

6. 其他

Shall we split the bill ? AA制吧我们?

Shall we go Dutch ? 各付各的吧?

It's my treat , tonight. 我来请。

This is my treat. 我来请。

I'll treat you . 我来请。

You treated me last time. 你上次都请过我了,这次一定我来。

I insist. 别和我争了好吧,我来请。

You can treat me next time . 你下次再请我吧。

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