Lesson 10:Telephone English


 1. 刚打过去、刚接到电话

Hello , this is Wang.  喂?我是老王。

Is that Mr.Wang ? 喂,是老王吗?

Is that the central hospital ? 市中心医院吗?

May I ask who's speaking ? 能问下您是谁吗?


不能直接说 Who are you .

2. 找某人

Could I speak to Mr.Wang , please ? 老王在吗?

Is Wang there ,please ?

Hang on a moment , please. 等一哈。

I'll see if he's here. 我去看看他在不在啊!

I'm sorry he is not here at the moment. 抱歉他现在不在。

May I ask what you're calling about ? 请问有什么事吗您?

(不能直接说 What do you wang .)

Wang, there's a phone call for you ! 老王你的电话!

Wang, your phone ! 

Sorry to have kept you waiting . 抱歉久等了。

I'm sorry , he is busy at the moment , can I take a message ? 需要我转达吗?

3. 要找的人不在

Do you know when he/she will be back ? 

Could you give him a message ?

Could you tell him that Wang called , please ? 

Could you ask him to call me back ,please?

Coule you tell me her phone number \ cell phone number \ number ? 能告诉我他的手机号吗?

4. 打错了

I'm sorry , I think you have the wrong number ? 你打错了吧?

I'm sorry , there's nobody here by that name. 抱歉没有这个人哟。

当你打错了: I'm sorry , I think I've got the wrong number.

Sorry to disturb you !抱歉打扰了!

That's all right , Goodbye ! 没关系,┏(^0^)┛

5. 听不清别人说的话

I'm sorry , could u speak a bit slower ? I can't understand you . 

I can't catch you.

Could u speak a bit louder ? I can't hear you.

I think the reception is bad . 这里信号不好啊!

There's a lot of noise . 噪音太多了,听不清!

6. 挂电话

I'm sorry , but I've got to go now.

Something urgent has come up. 抱歉有点急事先挂了昂。

Thank you for your call. 感谢来电。

Thank you for calling. 一般推销员才这么说,服务商。

Please give my regards to your family. 请带我向你的家人问好。

Say hello to your wife for me. 代我向你的夫人问好!

Goodbye! 再见!

(注意不要说byebye ,很少说byebye ,说Goodbye比较多,或者bye~)

美国多用:cell phone

英国多用:mobile phone

7. 和手机相关的英语

Do you know where I can buy a  SIM card ?

Do you know where i can recharge my phone ? 哪里可以给手机充值?

Do you know where i can top up my phone? 同上

My phone is running out of battery. 手机快没电了。

My battery is low .我手机快没电了。

Do you have a phone charger ? 有充电器吗?????????????

Do  u know where I can charge my phone ? 你知道哪里可以充电吗?

How much does it cost per hour ? 一小时多少钱? (适用场景很广)


Check your email . 看下你的邮箱。

What's your email address ? 

I have to send a message to Mr.Wang. 

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