Lesson 11:Interview English 面试


1. 介绍

Tell me a little about yourself.

Tell me something about yourself.

What r ur strengths ?

What r ur weaknesses ?

What r ur long term goals ?

What r ur short term goals ?

Do u work well under pressure ?(蛇)

What do u know about our company ?

Why do u want to work for us ?

Why do u wang to work here ?

I went to the XX  and majored in YY . 我在 XX 大学,专业是 YY。

Afterwards , I started my career at XXX as a software engineer.  

之后,我第一份工作是在 XXX公司当一名软件工程师。

I've been there for 3 years now .到现在已经在那里3年了。

Outside work , I also enjoy xxx,yyy and zzz.  工作之余,我喜欢xxx,yyy,zzz.

I graduated from XXX. 我毕业于xxx.

I majored in xxxx.专业是xxxx.

I have 3 years of experience in Marketing. 我有3年的市场经验。

current company 当前的公司

I won a award for "777"  我得过一个777奖

I won a award for "Best Emploee" 我得过最佳员工奖

2. 形容自己

pay a lot of attention to details.  很注意细节。

I work well in a team. 我擅长团队工作。

I'm a good team player .  我擅长团队工作。

I think I'm good at managing people. 我擅长管理人员。

make a good contribution to  xxx.  对xxx很有帮助。

make a good contribution to your project. 对你的项目很有帮助。

I think my skills are a good match for your company.


Five years from now , I'd like to see myself in a management postion. 五年后我希望自己承担一个管理的岗位。

I'm expecting somewhere between $500000 to $1000000.


What would a typical day in this job look like ?


What would my career path be ?



Give the interviewer a firm handshake. 


Maintain the contact with all the interviewers throughout the interview.


Thanks for your time.


Remember that interview is just a conversation , do not be nervous and know that you can also ask questions.

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